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Twin Rivers Unified School District: Grant Union High School

TECS replaced programable thermostats reducing energy consumption by 42%

result chart Cap Energy

Summary of Results

Each classroom saved an average of:
$47 per month per classroom
Each classroom reduced their kWh usage by:
454.4 per month
Each classroom reduced their kWh usage by:

Grant Union High School installed the TECS wireless energy management system in 11 portable classrooms that were previously using programable thermostats. After installation, temperatures were set to regulate between 68 to 72 degrees from 6:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Outside the normal classroom hours, the system conserves energy by increasing the allowable temperature range from 45 to 90 degrees. After installation, the detailed graphs in TECS alerted the district to rooms where HVAC ducting had not been re-connected during a construction project. The district fixed the ducting to greatly reduce their energy waste. In 2013, Grant Union High School realized a 42% reduction in energy consumption. TECS reduced their energy waste through only running their HVACs when rooms were occupied and fixing the ducting issues that TECS alerted them to.

Bellflower Unified School District: Somerset High School

TECS replaced twist timers resulting in a 25% reduction in peak demand

Chart showing Somerset High School's kWh energy savings after switching to TECS thermostats

Summary of Results

Each classroom reduced their kWh usage by:
81 kWh per month per classroom
Each classroom reduced their kWh usage by:
Each classroom reduced their peak demand usage by:

Somerset High School installed the TECS wireless energy management system in 23 classrooms that were previously using twist timers. The district had found that many of the twist timers had broken, resulting in HVACs running consistently. Somerset programed their wireless EMS to run in twist timer mode. When teachers pressed the start button their thermostats, their HVAC would run in 3-hour increments during normal school hours. Switching from twist timers to TECS resulted in a 17% reduction in kWh and a 25% reduction in peak demand. The results are compared to a 3 year average of energy data before TECS was installed.

“Capitol’s Energy Management System provides Bellflower USD with more control and management of our HVAC systems which keeps them running more efficiently and lasting longer. The byproduct of course is saving the District money on utilities, which goes directly back to where it belongs, to the students!”

Matt La Grass, Bellflower Unified School District, Energy Manager

Pine Grove Community Church

Averaging $663 in savings per month after replacing programable thermostats with TECS

Chart showing Pine Grove Community Church kWh energy savings after switching to TECS thermostats

Summary of Results

Savings per month:
kWh reduction:
Volunteer hours saved:

Pine Grove Community Church was looking for a way to reduce their energy bills, so they decided to install the TECS wireless Energy Management System in October 2019. In October 2019, they installed the TECS wireless energy management system in place of their 11 programable thermostats. They saw instant savings in their energy bills, averaging a $663 savings per month. Their kWh consumption was reduced by 42% by making sure they were only running their HVACs when rooms were occupied. Scheduling became much easier using TECS online programing, where they could create specific programs aligned with how each room is used. TECS has also saved their volunteer countless hours of thermostat programing and trouble shooting. They installed TECS through the PG&E on bill financing program, and the savings after 10 months have been enough to pay for TECS!

“The TECS wireless EMS has saved us a significant amount of money. It’s simple to program for how we use our facility, running our main sanctuary on Sunday mornings, and our school and office during the week. I can easily update the programs when different rooms will be used. We’ve been very happy with this system and all of the money that we have saved! I highly recommend installing TECS.”

Elder Ryan Thompson, Pine Grove Community Church

“Before we installed TECS I was running to the church weekly to update each thermostats programming, as well as each time there was a complaint. Installing these WIFI thermostats has saved me hours every week along keeping our congregation comfortable.”

Elder Ray Stall, Pine Grove Community Church


Spending reduced by nearly 12.5%

Chart showing Click Away's locations energy savings after switching to TECS thermostat.
ClickAway, a Verizon Authorized Reseller, identified a financial impact associated with the inability to monitor and manage the HVAC control system throughout their locations. The CES Total Environment Control System was installed in less than 30 minutes in each location and provided immediate savings and better management of their HVAC system. Within the initial 4-month period, spending was reduced by nearly 12.5% and structural inefficiencies, including damaged duct structures were identified. Overall, ClickAway management realized a cost-savings, reduced time and man-power spent on maintenance, and improved the efficiency of the facilities operations.

“This is very interesting. We are saving some real dollars here.”

President, ClickAway Computer and Verizon Wireless

“I love the system, and no longer needed to worry about the HVAC system being managed efficiently. My bonus is tied to the operational costs of the store and energy spend is a big piece of those costs.”

Store Manager

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