Energy Management Made Easy

Your Service Solution

Partnering with Capitol Energy Systems helps you optimize your facility HVAC performance, providing both comfort and energy savings with a simple cloud based solution.

You’ve got an organization to run. Let our energy optimization team monitor your system 24/7, reduce your kilowatt-per-hour consumption, and keep your HVAC equipment running longer.

Unrivaled Simplicity

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Wireless thermostat with 802.1X WiFi

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Quick and simple installation

Remote control

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Monthly reports

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24/7 monitoring

Photo of a laptop display with the Capitol Energy System user interface

Save Money When You Switch

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Eliminate behavioral waste

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Centralize thermostat control

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Remote view of real-time use data and real-time system alerts.

Energy Savings

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Eliminate behavioral waste.

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Real-time use and fault indicators.

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Identify inefficient and malfunctioning HVAC.

All HVAC schedules easily managed from one console.

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Performance reports and historical data.

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Multi-location management.

Customers average a 17% decrease in their kWh usage after switching to our TECS solution.

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