Our sales model is different than our competitors. We work directly with school districts, not distributors. We partner with our customers and include all of the services needed for a successful launch of an EMS system in the initial purchase price.

Service Classroom

Included with each purchase of TECS

  • Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.
  • TECS cloud based software.
  • Initial EMS software programming.
  • Working with the districts IT department to connect to the districts Wi-Fi network.
  • Pre-programming all of the thermostats with the districts Wi-Fi credentials.
  • A representative being on-site the first day of installation for the district.
  • Once installation is complete, confirming each thermostat is connected to the Wi-Fi network and functioning properly.
  • On-site training for our EMS software and hardware.
  • School site walk-throughs after installation to assure the EMS is meeting the districts needs.
  • Data monitoring for the first year.
  • All software upgrades for the life of the EMS system.

Our Guarantee

Service Guarantee

Capitol Energy Systems guarantee’s that you will have all of the support necessary to implement your EMS system. We will work with your IT department to connect to the districts Wi-Fi network and resolve any connectivity issues. We will work alongside a district representative to program the software to accomplish the districts heating, cooling, and energy management needs. We will monitor the EMS data and send e-mails to alert districts of any HVAC units which are not functioning properly. We include all software upgrades for the life of the EMS system so your system will never be out of date. If you are experiencing technical issues, we will guide a district representative through a few trouble shooting steps via the phone. If the issue is unable to be resolved via the phone, we will come on-site to trouble shoot and resolve any issues that arise. We include all of these services in the initial purchase price of TECS to assure your district will have a successful launch of your EMS system without any surprise costs.

Having the ability to monitor, control and address any potential a/c issues before they become a problem is amazing! Not to mention the level of customer support we've received. Kristi and her team are great!

said John Nunez, Facilities Director