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We work directly with you. As your partner, we’ll guide you step-by-step through each service needed for the successful launch of your purchased EMS system.

TWC 46 802.1X WIFI Thermostat

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Our thermostats offer the highest level of WiFi security on the market, 802.1X.

TWC 46

802.1X WiFi Thermostat

TWC 47

802.1X WiFi Thermostat with CO2 Sensor

Wireless thermostats with the most secure connectivity options

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TWC-46 and 47 WIFI thermostats connect through 802.1X authentication


Simply replace your existing thermostat for easy installation (no gateways, controllers, or additional hardware required)

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Easy Operation features include “Push to Start” and “Timed Turn On”

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Users enjoy Override ability and degrees of freedom

Included with Each Purchase of Our TECS

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802.1X WiFi enabled thermostat.


TECS cloud based software.

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Initial EMS software programming.


Pre-programming all of the thermostats with your WiFi credentials for instant connectivity.

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A representative will support installation.

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Once installation is complete, confirming each thermostat is connected to the Wi-Fi network and functioning properly.

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Personalized training for our TECS software and hardware.

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Data monitoring for the first year.

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All software upgrades for the life of the EMS system.

Remote Temperature Sensor, Wall Mount (Model RTS4)

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Wall-mountable and paintable with cable range up to 100 feet.

10K Ohm at 77°F.

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Two conductors, 18-20 gauge wire, shielded.

Remote Temperature Sensor, Wall Mount (Model RTS4)

Remote Temperature Sensor, Flush Mount (Model RTS3)

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Flush-mount remote sensor.

10K Ohm at 77°F.

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A paintable, self-threading wall insert boasts maximum length of 250 feet from thermostat with 22 gauge wire.

Remote Temperature Sensor, Flush Mount (Model RTS3)

Leaving Air Temperature Sensor (Model LATS6)

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Duct-mountable, 6 inch, stainless steel thermistor probe with lead wire length of 8 feet.

10K Ohm at 77°F.

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Two-wire probe can be screwed or taped to the side of a duct.

Leaving Air Temperature Sensor (Model LATS6)


“It is with genuine sincerity I would like to give you some feedback on the “Wi-Fi” stats we have installed at Raymond A. Villa Fundamental Intermediate School. They give us the ability to both monitor and manage the temperatures, the fans, and the schedules from our work-stations. Consequently, saving energy like we never had the opportunity before. This, in my opinion, is the perfect solution for all areas not covered by BMS controls like older buildings and freestanding bungalow classrooms at substantially lower cost than other control solutions we have been looking at.”

– Petter Hennum, Santa Ana Unified School District, Energy Manager

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