Energy Management Made Easy

Your simplest low-cost solution for reducing HVAC energy waste.

Capitol Energy Systems thermostat
Most secure wireless thermostat on the market


Remotely monitor your thermostat from any computer with internet access.


Easily program heating and cooling temperature set points for all thermostats.


Eliminate energy waste and save significantly on your next energy bill.

Your Partner in Energy Management

Our team of experts will program and monitor all your thermostats to keep you comfortable while you save money.

Total Energy Control System

Our cloud-based Total Energy Control System (TECS) boasts real-time use data, complete HVAC control, historic reports, and performance data available with a single console. Eliminate inefficiencies and identify problems – all with the touch of a button.

Access to cloud based HVAC Data.


Scheduled and Control Temperature Remotely.

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Monitor HVAC System.

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Monthly Reporting.

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End Customer Support.

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Issue Resolution.

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Personalized Programming and Schedule.

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System Data Analysis.

Photo of a laptop display with the Capitol Energy System user interface

Using Wireless Technology for Energy Efficiency

Our TECS wireless Energy Management System is the perfect solution for retrofit buildings. There is no need to run additional wiring, no need for added equipment, and we are 10% the cost of a traditional Building Management System (BMS). We use your existing WiFi, allowing you to monitor and control your HVAC systems from any device. CES thermostats install in place of your current model and use existing wiring. Additionally, our solution uses Tridium Niagara to integrate into an existing BMS.

System Benefits by Industry

Our Energy Management System enables schools, property management companies, contractors, government, retail, and light commercial to take greater control of their energy usage.
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Monitor all classrooms from one central system.

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Program individual rooms to only run when in use.

Light Commercial

The perfect low-cost energy management solution for your package unit buildings.



Add a revenue stream to your business by partnering with us and offer an energy management service to your customers.

What we do

Capitol Energy Systems has developed a simple and low-cost solution to efficiently manage HVAC systems in all of your buildings from a single location. Installation is easy and utilizes your existing wireless network and our web-based software to effectively program and monitor hundreds of thermostats.


“Capitol’s Energy Management System provides Bellflower USD with more control and management of our HVAC systems which keeps them running more efficiently and lasting longer. The byproduct of course is saving the District money on utilities, which goes directly back to where it belongs, to the students!” -Matt La Grass, Bellflower Unified School District, Energy Manager

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