CES operates with one principle in mind: Delivering quality software to our customers while facilitating their energy efficiency goals. CES’ powerful database and energy management solutions has helped multiple school facilities, energy consultants, public and private industries regulate and monitor energy and cut operational costs by up to 50%.

Established in 2013, Capitol Energy Systems’ quest is to publish the most powerful yet seamless energy management software in the industry. We designed our software on the premise that, without the appropriate data, it would be impossible to see where and when you are wasting energy. Today, many of our customers can attest to the savings in energy with our system.

Capitol Energy Systems has developed a simple and low cost solution to efficiently manage HVAC systems in all of your classrooms from a single location.

Key Features Include:

  • Use your existing wireless network and our web based software to remotely monitor and control your HVAC systems from any computer with internet access.
  • Easily compare run minutes for your AC, heaters and fans between classrooms.
  • Customizable alerts notify your facilities team of potential maintenance issues so they can quickly diagnose problems and make repairs.
  • Easy installation. Simply replace your current thermostats with our wireless thermostats. Normal installation is just 15 minutes per classroom.
  • Energy savings shown up to 42%.

I love the functionality of the software. It's one thing to be able to set schedules and set points, but to be able to see cooling and heating run times is remarkable!

Christopher Anderson, Energy Manager Pasadena Unified School District

Use of wireless thermostats to connect the EMS makes installation simple and quick. The software is easy to use and provides the data necessary to monitor and control HVAC systems from the office or mobile device. Capitol Energy Systems customer support has been timely and even proactive.

Brad Patterson, Maintenance Operations & Technology Director - Duarte Unified School District

How it Works

TWC46 Thermostat

Wi-Fi Communicating Thermostat

  • Compatible with nearly all HVAC systems - including traditional furnaces and heat pumps.
  • Controls 2 stages of heat and 2 stages of cool.
  • Includes Heat, Cool & Auto modes.
  • Manual on and specific timed turn on options.
Centralized Monitoring

Centralized Monitoring and Control

  • Use our web based software to remotely manage all your thermostats and monitor usage from any computer with internet access.
Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud Integration

  • Data is encrypted between thermostat & server.
  • Server located offsite with daily database backups.
  • No additional equipment needed.
Calendars Schedules

Integrated School Calendars and Schedules

  • By integrating your school calendar, our system will ensure the HVAC units will conserve energy during weekends, holidays, and breaks.
Easy Setup

Easy Setup

  • Create classroom groups with similar heating and cooling needs to save you time.
  • Easily program daily heating and cooling temperature set points for all thermostats.
Compare Usage

Compare Classroom Usage

  • Keep track of how many minutes your HVAC units are operating.
  • Know when classrooms are not heating and cooling efficiently.
  • Easy access to information allows you to diagnose maintenance problems.

Graphs and Reports

  • Our software includes intuitive graphs showing heating, cooling, fan operation, and corresponding temperatures throughout the day.

Real Time Alerts

  • Customizable alerts are emailed to notify you of potential maintenance issues.
  • Examples of alerts we offer include:
    • A room temperature is below 40 degrees.
    • A room temperature is above 95 degrees.
    • Room is cooling when it should be heating.
    • And many others.

We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied customers.