Santa Rosa Academy Charter School Installs TECS Wireless Energy Management System throughout School
May 18, 2017

Santa Rosa Academy is a public charter school serving grades K-12. Established in 2005 and chartered out of the Menifee Union School District, they serve students in Riverside county with site based, home study and combination home study/on-site programs.

The school had been using programable thermostats, but with their Prop 39 funding decided on installing a wireless energy management system on their campus. They reviewed many systems and decided to install the TECS energy management system. " Deciding to go with the Capitol Energy Systems - Energy Management System was an easy one. Kristi and her entire team have been there from the beginning, middle and up to now, to answer any questions, and even answering our questions before being asked!" said John Nunez, Facilities Director for Santa Rosa Academy.

Over spring break 2017 the TECS energy management system was installed in their administration building, library, elementary school, middle school, and high school. The TECS energy management system will be added to their gymnasium in December 2017 when new HVAC unit warranties have expired.

"Having the ability to monitor, control and address any potential a/c issues before they become a problem is amazing! Not to mention the level of customer support we've received. Kristi and her team are great!" said John Nunez, Facilities Director.

Bellflower Unified School System Cuts Energy Costs by Wirelessly Controlling their Classroom's Climate
January 14, 2015

Los Angeles County, CA - Bellflower Unified School District (BUSD) cut energy costs by installing Total Environmental Control Solutions (TECS) innovative Wireless EMS. The trial started mid-July with the installation of 23 wireless thermostats replacing the school district's previously limited manual-only twist timer thermostats. 

TECS's simple scheduling tool enables the district Energy Resource Manager to pre-set the HVAC units to only run during in-class hours. More importantly, HVACs are no longer running during unoccupied times. Cloud servers enable both the Energy Resource Manager and HVAC Technicians to access the TECS Site from anywhere and receive notifications if problems occur. 

RESULTS: During the months of July, August, and September TECS helped reduce Bellflower USD's demand energy usage by 17.52% and Average Energy Consumption by 11%, resulting in a $620 average cost per month decrease compared to the 3 year average. 

With TECS' climate control solution Bellflower USD has established a variety of benchmarks to help reduce their energy usage, spending, and monitor the climate in their classrooms while remaining compliant with California Title 24 requirements. 

Capitol Energy Systems is a Sacramento, CA based company providing cloud based solutions for energy efficiency.

Capitol Energy Systems Announce Pilot Study for Duarte Unified School District
December 10, 2013

Orange County, CA - December 10, 2013 - Capitol Energy Systems, Inc. and affiliates of Duarte Unified School District announced today a six-month trial installation of an energy reducing system known as Total Environmental Control Solutions (TECS) effective November 25, 2013.

TECS is a revolutionary low cost method to command individual climate control units from a centralized location. This particular trial install includes 14 thermostats in the Duarte Unified School District administrative building where energy consumption will be monitored daily.

Until now, the Duarte Unified School District hasn't utilized an energy management system, relying heavily on instructors to manage and monitor each classrooms air conditioner and heater setting.  

"We are honored to have been chosen to work alongside Duarte Unified School District in tackling this complex energy issue. Our wireless energy management system will allow their Facilities Manager to control the school temperature ranges, which is currently between 70-74 degrees. We have a 365-day calendar, so they can assure their HVAC system does not run when school is not in session, saving the cost sensitive school district not only energy but also money," said Capitol Energy Systems Account Manager Kristi DiMatteo.  

"We also collect data to evaluate how long each HVAC unit is running, so they have the ability to correct any maintenance issues," continued DiMatteo.  

CES offers customers a full range of integrated services and solutions, ideal for schools, state agencies, municipalities, churches, and commercial property owners.

Capitol Energy Systems is a Sacramento, CA based company providing cloud-based solutions for energy efficiency.

Capitol Energy Systems Launches Energy Management System for Portable Classrooms
February 28, 2013

Capitol Energy Systems, a leading technology firm based in midtown Sacramento, today unveiled Total Environmental Control Solutions (TECS), a new energy management solution for schools, state agencies, municipalities, churches, and commercial property owners.

TECS is a revolutionary low cost method to control individual climate control units from a centralized location, using existing wireless communication infrastructure. In initial pilot tests, energy usage in portable school classrooms has been cut nearly 50% on a month to month comparison, saving the cash strapped school district energy and money.

"Our system was initially developed with school portable classrooms in mind and to properly manage their energy usage. Far too many classroom teachers have told us that their classrooms are kept at a constant temperature year round, wasting precious resources," said Capitol Tech Solutions CEO Bobby Reed.

"Our goal is to help schools manage the energy better, provide a comfortable and healthy learning environment, and save the school districts money," continued Reed.

The TECS system has proven to have benefits beyond the energy savings ability. Maintenance staff can now be made aware of any HVAC issues based on real time data. Classroom HVAC usage can be compared to determine which buildings are most efficient. Also, districts can guarantee they are legally compliant by introducing fresh air into the classroom by utilizing state of the art fan program capability.

Capitol Energy Systems is a Sacramento, CA based company providing cloud based solutions for energy efficiency.