With Capitol Energy Systems (CES) Total Environmental Control Solution (T.E.C.S), you now have the ability to conveniently control and monitor unmanaged HVAC usage throughout your district from a central location. By obtaining real-time insight into energy consumption, you can lower energy costs and become more efficient.

We installed a pilot test of the Total Environmental Control Solution (T.E.C.S) at Grant High School on December 26th. January was the first full month utilizing our energy management system. Below are the results from the classrooms that we monitored:

The T portables consist of 8 classrooms, 7 of which have our thermostat installed. We set the HVAC units to come on at 6:30am to 68 to 72 degrees, and run to 3:30pm Monday thru Friday, and had them set at 45, 50, or 55 degrees on weekends and holidays. To the right is a chart of energy usage for the month of January for this year and the past two years.


Other discoveries from the T.E.C.S. system during the month of January include:

System data logs indicated that heat strips were broken in one classroom.

System data readily identifies whether the classroom airflow is compliant with Title 24 regulations requiring districts to introduce outside air at the minimum rate of 15 cu. ft. per person per minute by controlling fan cycles.

During installation we discovered holes in the walls behind thermostats where wires are routed that skewed recorded temperature. Plugging the holes during installation resulted in more accurate temperature readings.

A survey of teachers found that most were happy and comfortable during the day with the T.E.C.S. system.